What’s Daycare Like?

A safe place to be surrounded by friends, daycare can help socialize and stimulate your dog. At Unleashed, we provide boundless interactive outlets for your pet to run, play, chase and climb in, under and around. Our staff of animal lovers is trained to reinforce good dog manners as well as direct play groups into restful breaks.

At the end of the day you will have a tired dog because of positive stimulation, not stress…that’s our goal at Unleashed.



We Are Dog Lovers Who Pay Attention to Each Dog’s Needs

Unleashed is dedicated to the needs of the individual.

Our managers and staff are well attuned to reading your dog’s cues and behaviors and strive to make sure every dog has a great day every day.


New Clients

As a new client we will schedule a tour for you and then evaluate your dog during a free day of daycare. Be sure to complete the Application for Unleashed before coming in!

By creating daycare groups that reflect the balance necessary to a social pack and appropriate energy levels, it’s all a matter of finding the right fit for your dog.

If needed, we will slowly introduce your dog into a suitable group. We understand that some prefer to splash right in and others prefer to start with just dipping one paw at a time, so to speak.

In our experience, most dogs learn to love their much needed socialization time!



Behavioral Classes and Safety

For any situations that cannot be addressed in daycare we offer individual behavioral assistance and a full range of behavioral and obedience classes as well as agility for those who benefit from high-energy mental and physical challenges.

To maintain a safe and fun environment, we cannot accept dogs into daycare who simply do not like other dogs, but we are happy to provide dog-walking services.

Contact us today to set up daycare or dog walks for your best friend.