Our Puppy Program

Congrats on your furry new bundle of happiness! Puppies are sponges who are soaking up EVERY SINGLE EXPERIENCE they have during their development between 6-16 weeks or so. Unleashed wants to help you ensure your pup is on track with safe socialization with other dogs and lots of people, so we have developed a special Puppy Program!

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We follow many of the guidelines set forth by programs like Puppy Culture and a handful of trainers to help ensure your puppy learns to be a balanced dog. We work on impulse control, manners, coping skills, working through challenges and a variety of other things.

We will also work on crate training, potty training, basic training such as sit, lie down, wait, and can begin leash walking when they have received their third and final distemper/parvo vaccine…they’re now ready to get out an explore the world!

Health Information: Puppies can start between 10-12 weeks as long as they have two round of their Distemper/Parvo vaccine series, a bordetella vaccine and a negative fecal test. The program is available until the puppy is 6 months old.

Socialization with dogs: Puppies will be able to meet a variety of safe dogs of all sizes in carefully monitored playgroups. They need to learn how various breeds move, breathe, look, play etc and we can make sure that happens safely with our vetted daycare regulars!

Socialization with people: Puppies will also be introduced to a variety of people from all of our staff members and visitors to our facility. Our building is in a nice, dog-friendly area and people love to come meet our dogs, so your pup will be out and about on walks once his vaccines are finished!

Crate Training and Housetraining: In addition to socialization time, we will work on crate training your pup in a quiet area as well as in an area where s/he can see the dogs playing and moving so s/he learns to relax in the presence of activity. This skill is invaluable as your puppy ages, no matter what your plans are for him/her. We will work on continuing your housetraining work by taking your puppy out every two hours or so for a potty break.

Food: you can bring your puppy’s food daily, or bring a supply that we can store for you. We will sit with your puppy while s/he eats and then is ready for a nap.

Water: Fresh water is always available.

Get started: We can’t wait to help get your puppy on track, so send us an email (info [at] unleashedpups [dot] com) and we can talk details such as frequency of visits, cost, etc. Programs are tailored to your needs to make your life a little easier during these important times!